About Terra America Coffee Roaster

We are a small, but well-versed coffee roaster in the Port of Houston Area. Terra Americas Coffee Roaster only imports and roasts beans from Central and South America.  
TAC buys top quality beans sealed in GrainPro® bags at the farms. Purchasing coffee in this way is more expensive but ensures that the beans are not exposed to salt air during transport to Port of Houston. 
Each bean is roasted in to find the "sweet spot" of that bean, and that can take several roasts. Once found we consistently follow that roast profile to ensure a uniform and delicious coffee bean.
At Terra Americas Coffee we put quality over quantity. Coffee is what we do, and we do it well. We roast and ship the same, that being Wednesday and Sundays.  By doing this, we assure that the coffee you receive is of the freshest quality.  
We use 100% renewable electrical energy to roast your coffee. Also, we take the parchment, grounds, and chafe from the roasting process and use that in composting via a vermiculture process. 
Being an eco-conscious roaster, we buy only coffee that is grown by farmers that work within the Rainforest Alliance®to maintain sustainable crops for future generation of coffee producers. 
 We chose the Americas because it produces some of the best coffee in the world. Our supply line is small, and we receive greater access to current crops faster. Supporting the growers on our continent and keeping the money flowing to family farms makes us happy.
We may be small, but we are using our resources wisely and locally, all to give you confidence that your coffee is grown sustainably and is of the freshest and finest quality.